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Korona Ustrzyckich Gór

Summits of the Ustrzyki Mountains

Korona Ustrzyckich Gór Korona Ustrzyckich Gór

1. Ustrzyki Dolne - A town upon Strwiąż in the Bieszczady mountains!

Want to learn more about Ustrzyki Dolne and our commune? Find a guidebook that will give you a tour of our town and the surrounding area!


After more than a 50-year break, we are pleased to offer an extensive tourist guidebook to Ustrzyki Dolne Commune on whose pages you can find information related to the history and natural assets in our area, and most importantly the local tourism offer. The guidebook is available at PLN15 in the Bieszczady Centre of Tourism and Promotion ( BCTiP), Regional Chamber in Ustrzyki Dolne, BOSZ Bookstore, Neve Villa and at the newsagent’s “To i Owo”. This publication will certainly help you explore the area, it will also make a great souvenir. Read on to find out more.



2. The Crown of the Ustrzyki Mountains - a hiking and sightseeing trail Reach the Crown of Ustrzyki Mountains! Hike to five picturesque summits with beautiful views stretching before you!

The trail Crown of Ustrzyki Mountains runs from the seat of the BCTiP in Ustrzyki Dolne to the summit Kamienna Laworta, and then successively to the summits of Mały Król, Holica and Gromadzyń to finish on the summit of Orlik. On Orlik there’s a descent to the town. The route coincides with the routes of other walking trails around Ustrzyki Dolne (the red, blue, yellow and green trails), and with the tourist trail of the Polish Tourist Country-Lovers’ Association (PTTK) (i.e. the blue border trail). Estimated walking time - several hours. Each of the summits can also be reached by different routes in different ascents and each can be summitted individually.

Information boards with legends were placed on posts in the following locations:

Kamienna Laworta – the main summit, at the cross

Mały Król - the main summit in the forest

Holica – a scenic place of the Forest Inspectorate

Gromadzyń – a turn on the yellow and blue trail

Orlik – a turn on the blue trail

The Route Crown of Ustrzyki Mountains was created with the aim to promote a healthy lifestyle and environmentally friendly behaviours, to learn and deepen the knowledge of the mountains and the history of Ustrzyki Dolne and the surrounding area; promote the five hills around Ustrzyki Dolne, forest areas and scenic places; build the brand image of Ustrzyki Dolne as a tourist-friendly town; integrate families and individual tourists hiking on Ustrzyki trails; popularize qualified tourism and family tourism, but also to provide tourists with a certificate of the Crown of Ustrzyki Mountains.

To participate in the contest you don’t need to be an individual, families are welcome too. We encourage especially families with children to take up this challenge as reaching the Crown of Ustrzyki Mountains may be a good opportunity to get involved in a join tourism project. The competition runs throughout the year.

How to get a certificate of the Crown of Ustrzyki Mountains (KUG)?

To obtain the KUG Certificate you must summit five hills around Ustrzyki Dolne: Kamienna Laworta, Mały Król, Holica, Gromadzyń and Orlik. Each hiker is required to take a clear image (selfie included) on each hill, near the information board with the legend, and then deliver all pictures personally, by post or by e-mail to the headquarters of the Bieszczady Center of Tourism and Promotion in Ustrzyki Dolne. Mailing address: ul. Rynek 16, 38-700 Ustrzyki Dolne; adres e-mail: Contact telephone number: 13 471 11 30; 662 126 104. The person who provides photos from the 5 hills to the BCTiP headquarters will receive the same day a Certificate of the Ascensionist of the Crown of Ustrzyki Mountains and some in-kind prizes related to tourism. The contest of reaching the Crown of Ustrzyki Mountains runs throughout the year. To obtain the certificate, first get acquainted with the attached RODO clause. Your consent to provide personal data is necessary to obtain a certificate. The list of Ascensionists of the Crown of Ustrzyki Mountains will be successively published on this site

The route the Crown of Ustrzyki Mountains could be created thanks to different funding.

The Project entitled: “The Crown of Ustrzyki Mountains - small mountains, high cultural values. The heritage of Ustrzyki mountains as the cultural heritage of Podkarpacie region” was carried out by the Carpathian Tourist and Cultural Association "Źródła Karpat“ (Carpathian Sources) in cooperation with the Bieszczady Centre of Tourism and Promotion in Ustrzyki Dolne and the mayor of Ustrzyki Dolne. The project was funded by the Marshal Office of Podkarpackie Province, and promotional activities were carried out as part of the Podkarpackie Province programme called "Podkarpackie - the open space."

The project, called “Intergenerational expeditions to summit the Crown of Ustrzyki Mountains” was financed by the program "Act Locally" of the Polish-American Freedom Foundation, implemented by the Academy for the Development of Philanthropy in Poland and the Bieszczady Mountains Foundation - the Centre “Act Locally” in Ustrzyki Dolne, and co-funded by the programme for cooperation between the Ustrzyki Dolne Commune, NGOs and other entities conducting charitable activities in 2018 - Open Tenders, and from the budget of Podkarpackie Province.

The Project entitled: “The Routes through Fortifications and Memorials of the Past and the Crown of Ustrzyki Mountains” created for the development of tourism in Ustrzyki Dolne Commune was funded in open tendering in the "Tourism" sector based on the Program for Cooperation between Ustrzyki Dolne Commune and non-governmental organizations in 2018.


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